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Elemental Live: Creatively Catalyzing Capital for Climate & Community

Underserved and threatened communities will bear the brunt of climate change first and worst. And at the same time, these traditionally excluded communities are wellsprings of innovation in problem-solving, jobs creation, and well-being. What is the role that impact philanthropy and venture can play in catalyzing a climate tech revolution that is effective, scalable, and most of all, inclusive?

While the crucial intersection of climate tech innovation and equity has traditionally fallen outside the scope of traditional philanthropy and venture investing, recent events and the recognition that climate and social inequity are linked mark a new opportunity for supporting and investing for impact.

Elemental is hosting a conversation with Dawn Lippert, CEO of Elemental Excelerator, whose mission is to redesign the systems at the root of both climate change and social inequity, and Diane Schrader, CEO ThirdACT, whose Climate Salon convenes some of the leading forces in philanthropy, donor-advised funds, philanthropy, and impact investing. The conversation will be moderated by Aimee Barnes, the Director of Elemental’s Policy Lab, which bridges insights from innovation and communities to policymakers who are hungry for solutions.