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Camille Bangug

Partnerships Manager

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Camille Bangug

Camille is a Partnerships Manager, currently living in Washington, DC. She is passionate about accelerating climate technologies to create real and scalable impact to address the climate crisis, with a particular interest in nature-based solutions and industrial decarbonization.

Prior to Elemental Excelerator

Camille worked in Deloitte’s corporate innovation arm building new businesses around climate and sustainability, with a focus on energy and industrials. She also served as a contributor to the leading climate tech newsletter, Climate Tech VC. She graduated from Georgetown University in 2019, studying International Politics and Development, and during her time at Deloitte served as the Lead Coordinator for diversity, equity and inclusivity-centered mentorship programs for Georgetown’s undergraduate students. She currently serves as a Board Member for Millennium Campus Network, a nonprofit organization providing social impact training and fellowship programs to youth leaders around the world.

Outside of the office

Camille can be found playing music, taking long walks through DC and doting over her cat. As a proud Filipino-American, she can also be found learning line dances to keep up with her parents, and trying her best to catalogue and perfect her extended family’s many recipes.