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Hannah Corn

Growth Initiatives Manager

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Hannah Corn

Hannah supports and manages the development of new growth initiatives, aimed at delivering catalytic support and value-add to the Elemental portfolio. She helps develop the organization’s growth strategy more broadly, looking for opportunities to strategically fill gaps of support in the market and create, test and launch new initiatives that promote collaboration among the Elemental team, our partners and communities.

Prior to Elemental Excelerator

Prior to joining Elemental Excelerator, Hannah was the Manager of Global Ventures at Unreasonable Group, overseeing the sourcing, vetting and selection of high-impact portfolio companies, bringing an intentional and inclusive lens to the venture selection framework. Previously, she spent a year and a half conducting fieldwork in Xian, China on female migrant workers’ upward mobility as a Fulbright Scholar, building strategic relationships with local government, nonprofits and workforce development organizations. She has a deep passion for politics, working on political campaigns in Cory Booker’s Senate Office and for the Obama Administration. She believes strongly in the power of bringing diverse stakeholders together to design and deliver equitable and impactful initiatives.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Hannah strives to surround herself with people who will challenge her way of thinking and whom she can learn from. As an operator, she values diversity of thought and perspective, and prides herself on her ability to create space and inspire an inclusive working environment.

Outside of the office

You can find Hannah at a hole-in-the-wall dimsum restaurant that TikTok made her go to, sweating (crying) in a solidcore class or posting cats that aren’t hers to her story. Stooping is one of her favorite pasttimes as well as listening to podcasts about astrophysics and life hacks/productivity — so send them her way!