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Kela Sowell

Portfolio Experience Analyst

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Kela Sowell Headshot

Currently based in San Jose, Kela is a Portfolio Experience Analyst at Elemental. In equipping startup founders and their teams with the resources to succeed, her goal is to foster the sense of fulfillment tethered to actualizing business ideas that drive equitable and impactful social change.


Prior to Elemental Excelerator

Before joining Elemental, Kela worked at PressPlay where she partnered with high profile content creators to co-create consumer brands. Through conducting user research and formulating brand + product strategies, she created actionable roadmaps to make sure each upcoming brand was set up for success. In 2021, Kela graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of California, San Diego with a bachelor’s in Business Psychology.


Outside of the office

Beyond that, you can find Kela producing her latest fashion photoshoot, dog sitting (for fun), lifting at the gym, or scouring the Bay Area for ube-flavored anything.