On Earth Day, we released new data on Hawaii’s path to clean energy, called Transcending Oil. It tells the story of how Hawaii can transition to clean energy faster than we thought, 84% by 2030. What’s holding us back?

On Earth Day, we released new data on Hawaii’s path to clean energy, called Transcending Oil. It tells the story of how Hawaii can transition to clean energy faster than anyone thought, 84% by 2030. What’s holding us back?

How we work

Each year, we find 15-20 companies that best fit our mission and fund each company up to $1 million to improve systems that impact people’s lives: energy, water, agriculture, and transportation.


Portfolio companies


Demonstration projects


Awarded to companies


Go Electric built a 3 MW microgrid at Camp Smith on Oahu, and is building a microgrid for an agricultural community on the Big Island.

Go Electric

Lisa made the leap from Rolls Royce’s venture team to start Go Electric, a startup based in Indiana. The company is scaling microgrid hardware and software that integrates solar, batteries, and other energy sources to provide reliable power to critical facilities.


TerViva planted 50 acres of pongamia, a crop that produces biofuel and cattle feed, on fallow agricultural land.


Naveen started TerViva to develop new trees that grow sustainably on abandoned land, using less water and fertilizer than other crops, and creating multiple revenue streams for farmers.


WaterSmart has engaged over 700 residents across Oahu and Hawaii Island in improving water-use efficiency and utility customer engagement.


WaterSmart provides personalized water use information directly to customers, helping people take quick actions that reduce water bills 3-5%.


Stem deployed 1 MW of distributed energy storage with 25 schools, nonprofits, and businesses in Hawaii.


Stem combines powerful learning software with energy storage to automate energy savings for schools, nonprofits, and businesses.


T-REX is developing an optimizer tool to enhance efficiency in securitization and is working to demonstrate this end-to-end solution on a portfolio of renewable energy assets in Hawaii and the Asia Pacific.


Benji started T-REX to connect institutional investors with renewable energy assets and drive down the cost of renewable energy development.


At scale, Opus 12’s technology can turn trash to treasure by incorporating novel electrode materials into a commercially-available electrochemical reactor.

Opus 12

Opus 12 co-founders, Etosha, Kendra, and Nicholas, bonded over their mutual interest in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and teamed up to develop their research on carbon dioxide utilization into an economically viable process


Shifted Energy connected more than 300 water heaters to Oahu’s electric grid to store excess solar and wind.

Shifted Energy

Olin Lagon is a serial entrepreneur who founded Shifted Energy to turn electric water heaters into batteries that can store excess renewable energy.


Ibis Networks partnered with Hawaii Energy and the University of Hawaii to deploy 1,300 Intelisockets across three campuses.

Ibis Networks

Ibis Networks reduces plug-level energy use by 40% by turning off devices in schools, hotels, and offices when no one is present.


Geli is currently working with 20+ Hawaii installers to model and right-size solar-plus-storage systems.


Design-to-automation software for the rapid deployment of energy storage


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Our Funding Makes Us Unique

Our partners offer some of the most exciting investment and test-bed opportunities in the world.

In 2013, the U.S. Navy made a $30 million commitment to our program.

Coming out of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, a model for states pursuing an aggressive transition to renewable energy, the U.S. Department of Energy set aside funding for innovation. This became the seed funding for Elemental Excelerator.

Since our roots in the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, we have worked closely with the State Energy Office to support innovation-friendly policies.

Hawaiian Electric Industries was our first Global Partner. Together we have partnered on nearly a dozen demonstration projects.

Vector is New Zealand’s largest distributor of electricity and gas. They challenge and reinvent the way communities and businesses are powered and connected.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO) is the largest public utility in Japan, and the 4th largest utility in the world.

With FPH’s commitment to never invest in another coal plant, they are positioning themselves as the clean energy leader of the Philippines.

GE counts most of the world’s utilities as their client and wants Elemental Excelerator to provide insight into the new technologies and projects that are actively being deployed.

Elemental Excelerator is proud to have been selected by Blackstone as a partner in supporting energy-related startups.

Elemental Excelerator is partnering with HCF in looking at innovative ways to increase water efficiency, transparency, and supply.

SK Gas is looking for technologies that bring innovation to the energy sector and has high interest in service solutions that are built around enhancing engagement with end customers.

National Grid is an international energy company headquartered in the United Kingdom, with U.S. operations as well. They operate both regulated and competitive businesses, and are working to embed the culture of innovation into everything they do.