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We are pleased to welcome a new crew of ground-breakers and market-makers. Meet the 19 companies that make up Elemental's Cohort 9. 


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"These are technologies that are primed for deployment and growth. We love investing at these meaningful, and highly dynamic, moments in a company’s growth cycle because they are where the ideal becomes real," says CEO Dawn Lippert.


With a mobile app that dispatches a community's local workforce of maintenance technicians to troubleshoot and resolve issues, ChargerHelp! can reduce the offline time down from months to 2 days.


As the planet continues to warm and the severity and frequency of wildfires grows, those records may be just the beginning. DroneSeed's post-fire reforestation technology can help reverse this accelerating decline of forests.

Xos Trucks

Trucking accounts for nearly 25% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the ground transportation sector. Xos is focused on decarbonizing the entire freight transportation sector. 


This year, we'll be funding our 100th company and, for the first time, we're bringing their stories from Hilo to Kansas City to Brooklyn to Madrid to you, wherever you are. RSVP!

 Cambrian Innovation

Decentralized water treatment helps communities better tackle their environmental challenges, especially those beyond the reach of traditional wastewater approaches. Cambrian is recovering sustainable resources from wastewater. 


Thrilling's community-minded approach gives secondhand stores, a foothold in the innovation economy with access to new revenues and customers in new markets.


ZeroAvia is developing the world's first practical zero-emission aviation powertrain, renewably powered by hydrogen fuel cells. 


RatedPower helps to make it vastly simpler and faster to design utility-scale photovoltaic plants. Their software can accomplish in minutes what used to take a team of people weeks to accomplish.

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