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17 companies changing the game in climate tech

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Climate Entrepreneurs React to the IRA

Elemental portfolio entrepreneurs provide insight on how the Inflation Reduction Act will shape climate tech innovation.

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Funding first-of-a-kind climate projects

The Office of Naval Research has committed $32.5 million to Elemental to fund project deployments in communities most affected by climate change.

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The Commercial Inflection Point Scale

"More times than not, our portfolio companies experience a fundamental, game-changing evolution after their first deployment."

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Help redesign the systems at the root of climate change and build a more sustainable and equitable world.


How we work

We are on a mission to redesign systems at the root of our climate crisis.

In 2009 we launched a new non-profit model for funding climate tech deployment. Breaking down barriers to innovation alongside entrepreneurs provides us unique insight into the policy, market, and technology innovation needed to build systems to uplift people and communities around the world.

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