We partner with some of the biggest names in the business to help our companies grow through investments, projects, and acquisitions.

Global Advisory Board

Our Global Advisory Board is comprised of a cohort of leaders who are committed to transforming their organizations, demonstrating clean technologies in their home and regional markets, and collaborating as peers. We support them in several key ways, including insight into the newest technologies, connections into Silicon Valley and other markets, and fully-vetted partnership and investment opportunities.

In 2013, the U.S. Navy made a $30 million commitment to our program.

Coming out of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, a model for states pursuing an aggressive transition to renewable energy, the U.S. Department of Energy set aside funding for innovation. This became the seed funding for Elemental Excelerator.

Since our roots in the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, we have worked closely with the State Energy Office to support innovation-friendly policies.

Hawaiian Electric Industries was our first Global Partner. Together we have partnered on nearly a dozen demonstration projects.

Vector is New Zealand’s largest distributor of electricity and gas. They challenge and reinvent the way communities and businesses are powered and connected.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO) is the largest public utility in Japan, and the 4th largest utility in the world.

With FPH’s commitment to never invest in another coal plant, they are positioning themselves as the clean energy leader of the Philippines.

GE counts most of the world’s utilities as their client and wants Elemental Excelerator to provide insight into the new technologies and projects that are actively being deployed.

SK Gas is looking for technologies that bring innovation to the energy sector and has high interest in service solutions that are built around enhancing engagement with end customers.

Elemental Excelerator is partnering with HCF in looking at innovative ways to increase water efficiency, transparency, and supply.

National Grid is an international energy company headquartered in the United Kingdom, with U.S. operations as well. They operate both regulated and competitive businesses, and are working to embed the culture of innovation into everything they do.

Innovation Partners

Our Innovation Partners are committed to transforming infrastructure systems through the deployment of clean technology and injection of capital into ecosystems as a whole. They see the strategic value in our portfolio and pipeline, as we provide direct access to dealflow, investor events, and insights into the front lines of innovation.

BP is a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, England.

Centrica is a British multinational utility company headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Orsted is a multinational power company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Community Partners

Our Community Partners are coalitions of thought leaders, business leaders, and investors grounded in Hawaii and California who believe in the power of innovation to 
transform a place. We provide them with capacity building and funding resources that will help create a 100% renewable future in Hawaii that is inclusive, equitable, and resilient.

EEx Hui

Hawaiian Electric Industries was our first Global Partner. Together we have partnered on nearly a dozen demonstration projects.

Elemental Excelerator is partnering with HCF in looking at innovative ways to increase water efficiency, transparency, and supply.

Ulupono is a Hawaii-focused impact investing firm.

Hawai'i Energy empowers island families and businesses to make smarter energy choices.

American Savings Bank is Hawaii's third-largest financial institution and is a subsidiary of Hawaiian Electric Industries.

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How are our companies working
with our partners?

Our partners engage with companies in three fundamental ways:
pilots and scale-ups, investments, and acquisitions.

Hawaiian Electric partners with Amber Kinetics

Hawaiian Electric, in partnership with Amber Kinetics and EEx, has launched an operational four-hour kinetic energy storage system (KESS) powered by groundbreaking flywheel technology. It is the first commercial use of Amber Kinetics’ advanced tech in the U.S.

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Ulupono Initiative backs Carbon Lighthouse with $3M

Our Community Partner, Ulupono, participated in Carbon Lighthouse's (EEx 2016) latest $27M round to help expand its engineering and marketing efforts!

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National Grid and TEPCO invest in Opus One

National Grid and Tokyo Electric Power jointly invested in Opus One through Energy Impact Partners. Opus One is building a dynamic software platform that gives utilities, owners of distributed energy resources (DERs), and other market participants real-time insight into the DNA of the electricity distribution grid.

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Ulupono Initiative invests in Ibis Networks

Hawaii impact investment firm, Ulupono Initiative, has announced its $350,000 investment in Ibis Networks to help expand the commercial footprint of its flagship InteliNetwork™ platform.

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BP Joins EEx Innovation Partners

We are excited to collaborate with BP on delivering the energy the world needs and transitioning to a lower-carbon future!

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BP Invests $5M in Freewire

BP has invested $5 million in U.S. mobile electric vehicle charging company FreeWire, which will help provide rapid charging at its retail sites in Britain and Europe, as demand for cleaner vehicles is expected to soar.

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TEPCO Invests in Via Science

Japan’s largest electric power supplier, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO), has selected Via Science for its first strategic venture investment in machine learning and analytics.

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