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Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges



What is an Innovation Challenge?

Our Innovation Challenges create opportunities for visionary entrepreneurs to implement and scale their solutions with some of the largest customers in the world to help them accelerate their decarbonization goals. Successful applicants will have an exclusive opportunity to pitch their solutions to high-profile judges from our member organizations. Up to $2M is available for funded pilots across two 2023 challenges, as well as consideration for future investment.

2023 Challenges

___ What's at stake?

Successful applicants can win up to $2M in funding and a chance to partner with Amazon or Technip Energies to accelerate sustainability goals. In addition, by applying to either challenge, all applicants will have access to engagement opportunities with Elemental’s global network of investors and Navigator Members.

Amazon Sustainable Logistics Challenge

The Clean Maritime Challenge

How to Apply

Step 1

Explore the two challenges above and choose a relevant challenge(s) that aligns with your technology solution and commercialization roadmap.

Step 2

Review the eligibility requirements, criteria, and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Step 3

If you qualify, please complete the application no later than September 18, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET.

2022 Challenges

Beyond the Next Era of Energy to Real Zero™

Decarbonizing Transportation Solutions for the Middle Mile

The New Zealand Decarbonization Challenge

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