Founded by two graduates from the University of Melbourne, Allume began with the mission to extend the benefits of solar power to those who previously had no access. Starting with a focus on rural indigenous communities, Allume extended solar access via landlord-tenant power purchase agreements, targeting tenants experiencing financial stress. Their solution now extends these same benefits to multi-dwelling residents and commercial tenants through their unique electrical distribution technology.

The solution.

Allume makes solar accessible and affordable for multi-family residents. Their proprietary technology, called the SOLSHARE, optimally shares energy from a single solar system to multiple units. This behind-the-meter technology requires no change to the standard metering infrastructure or utility’s billing system, making it a scalable solution to democratize access to solar energy globally.

What makes them special?

Allume’s novel solution unlocks an unaddressed market for solar, removing the barriers to entry for multi-dwelling residents, and allowing solar providers to service a new and growing market without reliance on export incentives.