CarbonCure was founded in 2007 by Rob Niven. Rob had recently graduated with a Masters in Environmental Engineering from McGill University, where he studied the benefits of introducing CO2 to fresh concrete. That year, Rob attended a United Nations summit on Climate Change, where he saw a global demand for solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

Inspired by the summit, Rob thought to himself, “The scientific community understands that CO2 can be chemically converted to a mineral within concrete. So why can’t we find a way to use CO2 in every-day concrete, and help concrete producers respond to the demand for green building products?”

The solution.

CarbonCure is the world leader in CO2 utilization technologies for the cement and concrete sector. Its retrofit technology chemically mineralizes waste carbon dioxide during the concrete production process, making greener and stronger concrete. The CarbonCure Technology is being used by over 130 concrete producers today to reduce concrete’s carbon footprint, create new production cost savings and gain a competitive sales advantage.

What makes them special?

The CarbonCure Technology provides economic advantages to its customers while reducing carbon emissions — truly a win-win solution. The emerging industry of beneficial reuse of CO2 is expected to become a $1 trillion industry by the year 2030, according to The Global CO2 Initiative. CarbonCure’s portfolio of technologies has the potential to reduce up to 500 megatons of annual global CO2 emissions and create up to $26 billion in new production efficiencies.