The solution.

Ampaire’s goal is to solve aviation’s biggest problems; high operating costs, sub-optimal routing, noise pollution, and harmful emissions. The company’s approach to electrification focuses on replacing common turboprop engines in 6- to 19-passenger airplanes with high efficiency electric powertrains. In 2019 Ampaire successfully demonstrated a hybrid-electric retrofit, the Electric EEL, and will be bringing the technology to Hawaii in 2020.

What makes them special?

Ampaire’s vision is to make air travel more accessible for more people by building electric aircrafts that are safe, clean, quiet, and less costly to operate. The company is integrating new technologies into an old industry to completely reshape the economics of air travel. Compared to carbon-based alternatives, the company’s electric aircraft enable airlines to reduce fuel costs by a factor of 10 and maintenance costs by a factor of two. And compared to other companies in the electric/hybrid-electric aircraft space, Ampaire is taking the lowest-risk, leanest, and most rigorous approach to bringing compelling products to market.