Electric propulsion is driving the biggest revolution in aviation since the jet engine, and will significantly lower operating costs, emissions, and noise. Ampaire was founded to develop high-performance, zero-emission aircrafts.

The solution.

As an engineering company, developer of IP, and integrator of technologies, Ampaire’s mission is to transform air travel to 100% renewable energy. The company’s first product is an electric powertrain to replace common turboprop engines in 9- to 19-passenger airplanes. In addition to integrating motor and battery technologies in a unique system architecture, key innovations include solutions around battery cooling and safety, as well as battery swapping. Ampaire is currently ground testing its hardware and will fly its first full-scale demonstrator aircraft in 2018.

What makes them special?

Ampaire is integrating new technologies into an old industry to completely reshape the economics of air travel. Compared to carbon-based alternatives, the company’s electric aircraft enable airlines to reduce fuel costs by a factor of 10 and maintenance costs by a factor of two. Compared to other companies in the electric/hybrid-electric aircraft space, Ampaire is taking the lowest-risk, leanest, and most rigorous approach to bringing compelling products to market.