About Bandwagon

Bandwagon is optimizing the taxi-hailing experience by turning taxi rides into shared rides – saving time, money, and gasoline. In urban centers around the world, taxis and other for-hire vehicles are organized around the transportation of individual passengers. Travelers have to pay the entire cost of the ride because there isn’t a way to utilize empty seats. Bandwagon sees this as an opportunity; the company resells empty seats and increases the efficiency of the taxi system.

Users text their destination to Bandwagon, who immediately starts looking for someone in the taxi line who is traveling the same way. Once they’ve found a passenger traveling along a similar route, Bandwagon sends both travelers a text. The travelers skip to the front of the line, where Bandwagon will guide you to your shared taxi. Then Bandwagon enables you to automatically split the fare with your fellow passenger, and texts passengers their receipts at the end of the trip. Shared rides result in less gasoline, air pollution, and congestion on busy airport-to-city routes.

Bandwagon started in New York City with deployments at JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark airports, and is also available at Penn Station and Port Authority Bus Terminal. Bandwagon was a member of Elemental Excelerator’s 2014 Go-to-market Track.