Tetris entrepreneur Henk Rogers is on a mission to build energy solutions to become a planet powered by 100% renewables. He launched Blue Planet Energy in Hawai’i to achieve this mission, and today Blue Planet Energy’s Grid Optional™ Energy Solutions are engineered and built in the U.S. and deployed around the world for energy resilience projects.

The solution.

Blue Planet Energy’s premium energy storage solutions integrate a wide range of energy sources to power homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure independent of, or in conjunction with, the utility grid. The systems are differentiated by their reliability, safety, and ability to deliver full energy independence to homes and businesses where energy is absolutely critical or prohibitively high-cost.

    • Their residential solution features safe, non-toxic and conflict-free batteries, a 15-year performance warranty with zero maintenance requirements, and the ability to integrate multiple energy generation sources, such as renewables, generators, and the grid.
    • Their commercial solution integrates the same safe battery energy storage with the system intelligence and site controls needed to function with or without the utility grid. This battery features a ruggedized enclosure built in the U.S., a 21-year life expectancy (8,000 cycles at 100% Depth of Discharge), and is fully scalable to 2+ MWh.

What makes them special?

Blue Planet Energy’s technology also has applications aligned with mission-driven organizations to create long-term solutions for community resilience, recovery aid, and disaster relief projects, while also creating “green jobs” in the communities where they are active. Specific applications of their solutions installed in North and Central America include emergency services and healthcare facilities, agriculture, business continuity, microgrids, and backup power.