With the goal of ending the use of carbon-based fuels in Hawaii and beyond, Henk Rogers launched Blue Planet Energy in 2015. Under Henk’s leadership, the Blue Planet Energy team designed and commercialized its best-in-class energy storage system.

The solution.

Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion energy storage system is engineered to offer simple, fast, and repeatable design and installation. It provides the safety of Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) cell chemistry, the confidence of a 15-year warranty, and the durability of 100% depth of discharge with no impact on cycle life. The Blue Ion system is modular, scalable, and optimized for commercial, municipal, agricultural and residential energy storage applications. It integrates with a diverse set of charge inputs that include solar and wind power, engine generators, and the utility grid.

What makes them special?

While Blue Planet Energy is first and foremost a technology company, it’s also mission-driven at its core. The company partners with NGOs including American Red Cross, Direct Relief, and Water Mission to provide sustainable and resilient power systems to communities impacted by extreme weather events.