Buoy was founded in 2015 when drought-stricken districts across California rapidly increased the cost of water to encourage conservation, but left homeowners with no way to manage their water use in real-time. Buoy is the third startup Keri Waters and Joel Boutros have co-founded, this time joined by Hilary Bryant, former mayor of Santa Cruz.

The solution.

Buoy’s first product is a complete smart home device for managing and understanding household water usage. Their easy-to-install device attaches to a home’s water line, and proprietary machine learning algorithms deliver appliance-level data on water use in real-time, providing homeowners and renters insight into how much water they use for irrigation, toilets, showers, and more.

What makes them special?

Buoy’s water usage data is comprehensive in breadth and depth. Their machine-learning algorithms have processed years of data, making their disaggregation both faster and more accurate than other, simpler water-sensing devices. The team has extensive experience in hardware, software, and policy – and CEO Keri Waters is a repeat founder who successfully sold her previous company, Arqetype, in 2014.