Cambrian Innovation helps companies extract resources like clean water and energy from wastewater streams. The company’s distributed treatment solution works in a variety of sites, such as manufacturing or food and beverage production, to eliminate water pollution while generating renewable assets. With a water-energy purchase agreement (WEPA) model that draws on concepts from solar power purchase agreements, Cambrian Innovation is revolutionizing distributed wastewater management while slashing customers’ costs, risks, and environmental impact.

Why we love ’em?

Decentralized water treatment solutions help communities better tackle their place-based environmental challenges, especially those beyond the reach of traditional wastewater approaches. That’s an acute issue in Hawaii, where there are nearly 90,000 cesspools still in use that need to be replaced. Cambrian Innovation‘s technology is perfectly suited for this task and many others like it across the world. Not only do Cambrian’s on-site treatment systems recover clean water from wastewater, they can operate off grid and in some circumstances create energy. This intersection of clean water and clean energy offers a rare win-win for water-stressed regions that have little to no extra energy to run high-demand water treatment systems. And with a water-energy purchase agreement (WEPA) model that allows customers to pay on a per-gallon basis, Cambrian also eliminates many of the bottom-line question marks that have all too often stymied successful implementation of decentralized wastewater treatment technologies.