About Ceres Imaging

Ceres Imaging believes that the future of sustainable agriculture depends on putting precise, accurate, and actionable information in the hands of farmers. Using multispectral aerial imagery and data analytics, the company helps growers and farm advisors make proactive management decisions that build more profitable and more efficient operations. Applications include:

  • Irrigation management: Minimizing waste and fine-tuning irrigation programs for the highest-quality crop
  • Nutrient management: Improving plant health while reducing expenses on fertilizer and other inputs
  • Pest and disease management: Monitoring crops to stop the spread of costly outbreaks
  • Labor management: Helping teams prioritize and communicate more efficiently


Project Description

As part of Elemental Excelerator’s Demonstration Track, Ceres Imaging deployed their imaging-as-a-service beginning on Oahu, Hawaii Island, and Kauai with over 6,000 acres of coffee and macadamia nut trees, and other farms. The goal was to reduce water use and cost for the farms, contributing to the Hawaii Freshwater Initiative’s goal of reducing Hawaii’s freshwater use from 400 million gallons per day to 360 million gallons per day through water conservation measures.

Today, Ceres Imaging services specialty and commodity growers across the United States and Australia. The company works with more than 30 different crops, including tree nuts, grapes, cotton, potatoes, corn, soy, and hemp.