ChargerHelp! is a California-based technology company that has developed a mobile app and web-based platform for on-demand repair of electric vehicle charging stations. ChargerHelp! works with local workforce development agencies to provide their participants with access to the ChargerHelp! app and in turn, sells annual maintenance service contracts to network providers.

Why do we love ’em?

We love electric vehicles. We love reliable EV chargers. We love improving and expanding our charging infrastructure. And we love green job creation. ChargerHelp! blends all of those ingredients into a community-centered cleantech elixir. Currently, 1 in 10 EV charge stations are offline due to software issues, and it can take months to get them fixed. That leads to an unreliable charging network, a lot of frustrated EV drivers, and even more squandered EV-curious customers. With a mobile app that dispatches a community’s local workforce of maintenance technicians to troubleshoot and resolve issues, ChargerHelp! can reduce the offline time down to 2 days. Improving the reliability of our charging infrastructure by engaging with local workforces will lead to more electric vehicles for more drivers in more places, accelerating the overall growth of EV adoption.