We all know that driving electric is great, but going beyond your range isn’t. Chargetrip’s co-founders had the same realization while driving around Europe. Beyond range anxiety, there are a ton of additional and dynamic variables that make switching to electric driving complex: plug-type, charging power, charge speed and time, payment systems, waiting times, temperature, weather, and topography. Chargetrip’s mission is to fix today’s charge- and drive-ecosystem to accelerate the transition to electric mobility.

The solution.

Chargetrip is a SaaS navigation API for the electric mobility market. Their routing algorithms, white-label driver applications, and predictive models seamlessly optimize travel and charging for time, cost, and personal preference. Over fifteen variables are taken into account, including the dynamic status of charge stations, topography, user preference, and vehicle profile. Additionally, Chargetrip’s technology stack can be easily integrated into existing charge, navigation, and telemetric applications.

What makes them special?

They already have significant traction with roughly 2% of the global EV stock on their platform and with Germany’s no.1  sports car manufacturer as one of their early adopters.