We all know that driving electric is great, but going beyond your range isn’t. Chargetrip’s co-founders had the same realization while driving around Europe. Range anxiety, or the worry that an EV’s battery will run out of power before reaching the destination or charging point, is often cited as the main reason why many are reluctant to buy EVs. Chargetrip’s mission is to fix today’s charge and drive ecosystem to accelerate the worldwide transition to EVs.

The solution.

Chargetrip is an intelligent route planner for the electric mobility market. Their user-friendly application and predictive models alleviate charge congestion and optimize total travel time and costs around 15 variables, including weather, topography, user preference, and vehicle profile. Additionally, Chargetrip can be easily integrated into existing navigation and telemetric fleet applications.

What makes them special?

They are the only company that combines EV-specific navigation and predictive modeling across geographies, charge station operators, and EV brands. And they are already seeing significant traction. In June 2017, Chargetrip launched the first commercial implementation of their platform in Norway, one of the most mature EV markets in the world. Within two months, they captured 60% of the available market share, roughly 2% of the global EV stock.