DroneSeed is making rapid reforestation scalable to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. The company uses heavy-lift drone swarms to navigate challenging terrain in wildfire ravaged areas, dropping patented seed vessels that help boost seed survival rate and accelerate tree growth. Each drone can carry a 57-pound payload, making this mass reforestation technology one of our best avenues to sequester carbon at scale.


Why do we love ’em?

In recent months, California experienced 3 of the top 5 wildfires in its history, and at least 5 million acres have burned in California, Oregon, and Washington so far this year. As the planet continues to warm and the size, severity, and frequency of wildfires grows, those records may be just the beginning. DroneSeed’s post-fire reforestation technology can help reverse this accelerating decline of forests. And since many wildfire-ravaged regions can be difficult to access in person, drones can do it faster, cheaper, and safer than manual labor. In addition to the drones themselves, the company has created an innovative seed vessel that boosts seed survival rate using amendments to reduce the normally required 1-3 years of tree growth in a nursery to 30-60 days.  On top of the company’s technical strengths, DroneSeed’s reforestation solution helps create higher-paying and more sustainable jobs — including drone pilots, field operators, and maintenance technicians — to supplement the often seasonal nature of manual work in rural communities.