Jacob Isaac-Lowry and Sarah Alessi founded FlyWire Cameras in 2014 with a vision to fuse the versatility of wearable video with the limitless capacity of big data analytics to create a video capture and data recording platform specifically for industry applications. 

The solution.

FlyWire Cameras is a hardware and data services company dedicated to leveraging their proprietary video platform to provide their customers with actionable video insights. In their primary market, sustainable fisheries management, FlyWire generates high-density catch accounting data (e.g., what was caught, where was it caught) to certify that fisheries are operating sustainably.  Overfishing and unsustainable practices are pushing many fish stocks to the brink of collapse. FlyWire’s technology provides management oversight and traceability in order to help conserve ecosystems, sustain livelihoods, and ensure food security.

What makes them special?

Of the 4.5 million commercial vessel operating worldwide, roughly 60% are small-scale vessels which can’t be monitored with observers or legacy technology. Therefore, regulators lack the necessary information about what is being caught, where, and how. FlyWire’s monitoring platform can be implemented in fishing operations of all sizes. Additionally, these insights can be provided at 1/10th the cost of traditional providers in this space.