Jacob Isaac-Lowry and Sarah Alessi founded FlyWire Cameras in 2014 with a vision to fuse the versatility of their patented, integrated video technologies with the limitless capacity of big data analytics to build economically viable vessel-based technologies.

The solution.

FlyWire is passionate about sustainability and bringing the benefits of technology to one of the world’s oldest, largest industries. Their technology captures and analyzes the critical data needed to maximize fishing quotas, manage bycatch, and keep fish stocks healthy for the next generation.

  1. Their cameras offer the most comprehensive view of what actually happens on the water, with visual imagery, GPS position, and sensor data to verify more hauls in more places.
  2. The AI-enabled software processes and analyzes data from each fishing trip to deliver actionable analytics to harvesters and suppliers.
  3. Lastly, they aggregate electronic monitoring, logbooks, e-logbooks, and landing reports in order to provide seafood businesses with continuous insight into their operations and supply chain performance-all while ensuring that harvesters retain privacy rights to their sensitive information.