Full Harvest is solving the massive food waste problem with technology and innovation services.  The company runs the first business-to-business online marketplace for imperfect and surplus produce, connecting food and beverage brands and processors directly to farms online.  The company’s Innovation Services division helps food and beverage brands develop new CPG products and sustainable supply chains that reduce food waste, CO2 emissions, and water use, while also bringing farmers an additional revenue stream.  A win-win-win for farmers, food companies, and the planet.

Why do we love ’em?

Making sure food makes it from farm to fork is one of the most potent ways we can reduce climate change. Why is that? Whether it’s rotting on farms, spoiling during distribution, or generating methane in landfills, food that goes uneaten contributes roughly eight percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, and Project Drawdown ranked eliminating food waste at #3 on its list of Top 10 Solutions. On top of eliminating emissions, ensuring that the food we produce gets eaten also means we’re not squandering the massive amounts of water, energy, land, labor, and money that goes into the food system. Full Harvest tackles this problem at its very source — targeting on-farm produce loss — with a marketplace that connects growers and buyers and ensures that aesthetic objections like bruises or discoloring don’t stand in the way of 100% full harvests. And with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on supply chains linking farmers and the food service industry, Full Harvest’s marketplace has proven to be an effective tool in solving for rapid shifts in supply and demand. Their mission is to serve those hardest hit including smaller, minority-owned farms through their marketplace, and bringing more healthy food options to students and families in need.