Lisa Laughner made the leap from Rolls Royce’s venture team to a startup to work with a technology and team she believed in. Alex and Tony, two former colleagues, had made some important progress on a microgrid technology they were working on, and wanted someone who knew business to help them scale it.

About Go Electric

Go Electric enables facilities to balance multiple energy inputs seamlessly, and enables the facilities to operate either on the grid or as an islanded microgrid – all with seamless power delivery to critical equipment and no power interruptions. The hardware is an uninterruptible power system (UPS) on steroids, ensuring that facilities have backup power even if the grid goes down. The company’s secret sauce is the way it combines top-of-line hardware with software that can manage multiple energy sources, such as generators, PV, load, and batteries – providing a secure solution for critical facilities.

Go Electric also enables utilities to access the facility’s reserve power for use on the grid when the need arises. This means that facility owners can generate additional revenue from their UPS because the utility pays the facility for the right to curtail their energy use through demand response tariffs or similar programs.

It’s a win-win of more security and more revenue for the facility. The projects also present a win for the utility, which can tap the GoElectric equipment to deliver grid services.

Project Description

Go Electric’s microgrid has found success in military applications – particularly a 3 MW microgrid in Hawaii as part of the Department of Defense’s SPIDERS program. In Elemental Excelerator’s 2015 Go-to-market Track, Lisa and Go Electric developed the commercial business model in order to further scale the solution. The company developed significant commercial traction and was selected for the 2017 Demonstration Track to implement a commercial project on the Big Island of Hawaii and demonstrate its scalable business model.