About in2lytics

In2lytics spun out of Referentia, a Honolulu-based technology company, in 2015. Referentia developed the technology with significant input from utilities from 2009-2015 before launching the product for commercialization. In2lytics now works with utilities to aggregate data from its different systems and sensors to enable utility operators, planners, and the public to visualize information in easy-to-use formats.

In2lytics has deployed its solution with three Hawaii utilities, and is providing a database platform that integrates disparate data from distributed resources. In2lytics combines SCADA, AMI, irradiance, PV, Wind, and other data to provide new insights into electricity grid operations. Reports that used to take weeks for one or two specialists to run can now be completed by any team member with access in just minutes. For the first time, utilities have a visual interface to access the very large amounts of data coming off the electricity grid. The knowledge gained from grid data is critical for renewable energy planning. It provides the insight needed to increase system availability while reducing operational expenditures. In2lytics also has a lightweight data management process that stores and organizes data in 10% the amount of space usually needed, reducing costs significantly. At the same time, aspects of this data have been made public for the first time, in particular powering Hawaiian Electric’s Renewable Watch website. That work was actually made possible by work the Elemental Excelerator team did in 2010 with Referentia, before the creation of In2lytics.

Project Description

As part of Elemental Excelerator’s 2017 Demonstration Track, In2lytics is deploying a suite of applications for rural electric co-ops and distribution system operators based on their proven database platform technology. The dashboard applications are focused on delivering actionable information to reduce costs, improve system resiliency, and enhance customer satisfaction. Their solution has already been demonstrated alongside three utilities and the Marine Corps base in Hawaii.