The solution.

Kevala’s goal is to make clean energy-related data meaningful, transparent, and broadly accessible. Kevala finds and analyzes the locational value of solar, storage, and other energy resources while simultaneously quantifying the environmental, social, and economic impact of policies and program. This modeling and analysis tool accelerates smart investments and deployments of energy assets on the grid by allowing developers and investors to see where assets are worth the most.

What makes them special?

Kevala maps a community’s grid by combining cutting edge machine learning algorithms and crowdsourcing data from energy stakeholders. Local participants and decision makers then use Kevala’s analytical engine to facilitate the integration of clean electricity while balancing grid needs. How will adding 10 EV Level 2 charging stations affect a circuit? Ask Kevala.

Now let’s talk deployment.

Kevala is building out their Network Assessor platform, which enables users to view the value of solar at a specific location. They are enhance Network Assessor with new assessments and features including : 1) DER hosting capacity; 2) locational net benefit analysis; 3) scenario modeling and output comparisons; and 4) energy efficiency assessments. Network Assessor can remove regulatory uncertainty for DER providers and consumers by revealing the key considerations impacting DER market design. The goal is to create a foundation for improved decision making by utilities and regulators. Once policy is adopted, Network Assessor can be used to track program progress and make adjustments, thereby accelerating the feedback loop between the “market” and the market designers.