About Kunoa Cattle Company

Hawaii currently imports 90% of our food, even though the state has an ideal climate for year-round agriculture and livestock production. Many of the cows that are raised in Hawaii are currently shipped, or even flown, to the mainland to be finished because of the high cost of importing feed to the islands and the high cost of energy. The energy costs hit ranchers in multiple ways, such as the electricity required to process and preserve beef. Kunoa Cattle Co. was founded with the mission to increase the amount of beef that is raised through the whole lifecycle in Hawaii. Kunoa integrates energy, agriculture, water and new management processes to create an integrated, energy-efficient beef operation – contributing to a more sustainable food system while utilizing clean energy.

Kunoa’s cofounders Bobby Farias and Jack Beuttell bring their agriculture and energy experience to the company.  Bobby is a multi-generation rancher from Kauai, and Jack has the business background to develop a scalable company. In Elemental Excelerator’s Go-to-market Track, Kunoa developed a go-to-market strategy that included asset ownership and revitalization, and formed business relationships throughout the supply chain. Kunoa recently acquired the only U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified slaughterhouse facility in the State of Hawaii, which is located on the island of Oahu. It’s one step forward on the path toward more locally-produced food, and a key part of realizing Kunoa Cattle Co.’s vision.