About Kunoa Cattle Company

Founded in 2014, Kunoa Cattle Company is a vertically integrated Hawaii meat company. Kunoa 1) manages 2,000 cattle on Kauai, 2) operates Hawaii’s largest USDA-inspected butchery facility on Oahu, and 3) sells branded meat products to retailers, restaurants, and direct to consumers via Amazon.com.

Hawaii’s temperate climate provides ideal conditions for raising healthy cattle year-round, without the need for imported feeds, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Implementing rotational grazing practices, Kunoa uses livestock as a tool to manage land, build soil, increase biodiversity, reduce runoff, and produce a healthier alternative to feedlot beef.

Kunoa’s co-founders, Bobby Farias and Jack Beuttell, participated in Elemental Excelerator’s Go-to-market Track in 2015, during which Kunoa developed a go-to-market strategy that included asset ownership and revitalization, and formed business relationships throughout the supply chain.

What makes them special?

Kunoa’s harvest facility is partially powered by renewable energy (100kW rooftop solar) and was upgraded with animal welfare equipment designed by Temple Grandin. With these practices, Kunoa aims to demonstrate a new model for distributed food production, while creating a powerful global export around premium Hawaii beef.