Made of Air embodies the concept of carbon-negative materials much the same as Gore-Tex embodies waterproof fabrics. The company’s biochar-based material, made of 90% atmospheric carbon, can replace thermoplastics in a wide variety of applications across the built environment and in consumer goods. These range from construction materials for building facades and interior panelling to furniture and automobile components. With MoA Materials, real estate developers, architects, and cities have a viable carbon-negative path to achieving their climate targets.

Why we love ’em?

As the global population grows, so too will the need to make more products and structures to support all those people. Reimagining the resource-intensive processes and materials used to make all that stuff — especially GHG-emitting steel, concrete, and plastic — will be one of the defining opportunities of the coming decades. Made of Air is ready for that challenge, with a carbon-negative thermoplastic material that can permanently sequester CO2 from the atmosphere and actively reverse climate change, made with a process that actually produces a surplus of usable heat and electric energy. Made of Air‘s biochar-based materials, which are made out of waste biomass (like tree clippings or crop residue) and can be used in everything from buildings to furniture to automotive parts, represent a durable alternative to the plastics that big oil companies are betting on to fill the gap as cars and utilities go electric.