Planet FWD is on a mission to help tackle climate change by making it easier to bring climate-friendly products to market. The company’s sustainable ingredient sourcing tool allows brands to identify suppliers based on key sustainability metrics, including carbon intensity and overall climate-friendliness. As a reference customer for the software tool, the company also built the world’s first climate-friendly snack brand called Moonshot Snacks. By creating market incentives and boosting demand for regenerative ingredients, Planet FWD can accelerate the rate at which conventional cropland converts to practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon in the soil.


Why we love ’em?

Regenerative agricultural practices are attracting more and more attention for their ability to reduce GHG emissions and sequester carbon in healthier soils. And food companies are taking note — General Mills, one of the biggest food companies on the planet, is aiming to make regenerative agriculture common practice on 1 million acres by 2030. However, the market for food products sourced with regenerative ingredients remains underdeveloped and hindered by fragmented supply chains. Planet FWD arms food brands that want to create products for climate-conscious consumers with reliable data and a platform for sourcing regenerative ingredients, which in turn incentivizes more farmers to convert to regenerative practices. In addition to proving consumer demand for climate-friendly food, Planet FWD‘s platform also has the potential to help farmers foster resiliency, diversify their customers, and scale their operations. On top of all of that, we love that Planet FWD’s founder Julia Collins deliberately secured 99.5% of the company’s seed funding from people of color and/or women. Diversifying our agricultural system through diversity for the win!