RatedPower is accelerating the transition to make solar power the world’s main energy source. The company’s cloud-based pvDesign software streamlines the design, feasibility study and engineering of large-scale photovoltaic plants. Compared to the weeks or months it takes for traditional engineering plans to materialize, RatedPower helps optimize the plant and generates engineering documentation in minutes, improving efficiency and profitability for clients.

Why do we love ’em?

One of the surest and simplest paths to widespread renewable energy is to get more solar panels in more places. RatedPower helps do just that, by making it vastly simpler and faster to design utility-scale photovoltaic plants. From topographic and meteorological analyses to equipment selection and highly detailed designs, the company’s pvDesign software pushes the bounds of what technology can do, accomplishing in minutes what used to take a team of people weeks to accomplish. This makes it simple for developers to compare different designs and arrive at the best plant configuration, ultimately making solar more profitable for their customers. RatedPower’s technology can also model bifacial solar modules — in short, taking advantage of the light reflected from the ground to the rear side — and with our support will be the first software to engineer east/west structures, which is important for maximizing power generation in areas that are close to the equator.