The solution.

Scoot operates networks of thousands of shared electric vehicles in San Francisco and Barcelona, serving tens of thousands of monthly riders who have collectively logged over five million electric miles. Scoot’s fleet of electric motor scooters, bicycles, and kick scooters provides mobility that is as fast as a car and as affordable as mass transit. The company’s state-of-the-art fleet management technology and customer-facing app facilitate accessible, affordable, and clean transportation for urban environments. After refining its operations through years of experience and learning, Scoot is expanding its reach to help cities cut back on pollution and congestion. The company launched in Barcelona this summer and plans to enter additional cities across Western Europe and the Americas over the next year.

What makes them special?

Electric mobility is a critical technology in the fight against climate change. However, many people can’t afford an electric car and space in cities is limited. By sharing electric vehicles, and deploying them in a city as a “local” would, Scoot riders enjoy access to affordable, fast, zero-emission transportation.