About Sighten

Conlan O’Leary started Sighten after spending time at Clean Power Finance, a leading residential solar financing platform, and in technology, investment banking, and commodities trading. He saw a need for better software tools for small- to medium-sized solar companies in order to reduce the cost of solar and increase access to PV.

Sighten provides a comprehensive software toolset that handles the entire workflow for solar. The feature set supports the multiple stakeholders involved in successful solar deployment: originators, installers, financiers, and homeowners/offtakers, among others. The platform has several modules, including sales, operations, and reporting, all available in a modular fashion with related APIs.

Project Description

Through its project on Elemental Excelerator’s Demonstration Track, Sighten is working to deploy a comprehensive “solar +” software platform that goes beyond managing solar to enable installers to offer “solar + energy storage” and “solar + energy efficiency.” They enhance the core residential solar toolset with functionality specifically focused on modeling, marketing, and financing energy efficiency and energy storage projects. This is especially important to enable solar installers to work with hard-to-reach populations who may not have the financial track record or use characteristics of a typical residential PV customer. Sighten is working with up to 10 contractors in Hawaii during the pilot phase.