About Smart Yields

Hawaii-based Smart Yields was founded by a group of friends with backgrounds in agriculture, technology, and business who wanted to use data to help small- to medium-sized farmers. The team at Smart Yields used their expertise to reach these farmers and help them utilize data to optimize their yields. While not as immediately lucrative as industrial farming operations, small- to medium-sized farms actually make up 85% of the farms in the U.S. and 99% globally – representing far more people whose livelihoods depend on smaller farming operations. Smart Yields uses a wide array of sensors (their API is hardware agnostic) and data and offers a single platform for farmers to visualize and manage their information. Smart Yields provides simple, actionable insights that farmers use to optimize plant production, water usage, and labor management. It’s smart farms for the masses.

Smart Yields also sees its role as helping to foster the next generation of growers and farmers. They engage with local elementary, middle, and high school classrooms to enable hands-on learning laboratories through school farms that help inspire kids to explore the environment and think about sustainability. Smart Yields works with educators to boost student engagement by giving them a compelling new connection to their gardens both inside and outside the classroom.