Solar Analytics was founded in 2013 by a team of passionate, solar pioneers. Stefan Jarnason, John Laird, Valantis Vais, and Renate Egan have been working together for over 20 years to reduce the cost of rooftop solar. Since launching in 2015, the company now has over 20,000 users in 5 countries and is the leading solar monitoring provider in Australia and one of the fastest growing worldwide.

The solution.

Solar Analytics has developed a SaaS solution that connects consumers with their energy generation and demand. Using real-time energy and weather data, Solar Analytics maximizes solar system performance, ensures customers are optimizing their load, and provides the insights needed to decide when to install new energy assets such as storage.

The next evolution of Solar Analytics’ software and hardware and the company’s work with Elemental Excelerator – enables peer-to-peer energy sharing without blockchain. Solar owners will be able to maximize the value of their solar and sell their surplus solar electricity to those who need it most; renters or other consumers who are unable to install solar will have access to clean energy generation.