About Swiftly

Swiftly’s cofounders Jonny Simkin, Will Dayton, and Mike Smith have a passion for public transit. Americans board public transit 35 million times each weekday, and the Swiftly team asked how they could improve the way cities move by combining better information with beautiful user experiences.

Swiftly is the creator of Transitime, the most advanced passenger information system on the market. Transitime monitors the real-time and historical movements of vehicles to predict arrival and departure times more accurately than existing systems. Transitime is also an open data platform and it can provide transit agencies with easy-to-use management tools. Swiftly has already deployed Transitime for many agencies, small and large, and can deploy the system for new agencies within weeks at about 10% of the cost of traditional passenger information systems.

By combining real-time and historical vehicle movement information, Swiftly’s solution is 20% more accurate than existing solutions. In the 20+ cities that already ues Swiftly, Transitime data is integrated right into your existing map apps – or you can also access it directly from Swiftly’s mobile app. Hate wondering where your bus is? So does Swiftly.