Swiftly’s co-founders Jonny Simkin, Will Dayton, and Mike Smith all live in San Francisco without a car. Relying on public transit to get around town, they decided to build a platform that enables transit agencies to improve service quality, efficiency, and reliability. Do you hate wondering where your bus is? So does Swiftly.

The solution.

Swiftly is the first big data platform developed to help transit agencies and cities improve urban mobility. Built by transportation experts for transportation professionals, the Swiftly platform harnesses billions of data points and sophisticated algorithms to improve transit system performance, service reliability, and real-time passenger information. The platform is now used by more than 50 transit agencies and impacts over 2 million transit riders per day. 

What makes them special?

By combining real-time and historical vehicle movement information, Swiftly is 30% more accurate than existing real-time passenger information solutions. Moreover, Swiftly can work with data from virtually any Automatic Vehicle Location reporting system, making it a low-cost and easy-to-deploy solution.