The Solution.

TerViva produces organic vegetable oil and protein on distressed agriculture land, using a legume tree crop called pongamia. To meet the rising demand for food, we need to better use farmland. TerViva’s pongamia trees produce 10x more vegetable oil and 3x more protein per acre as compared to soy. TerViva is planting these trees with farmers on abandoned farmland to set a new standard in agriculture, making food, feed, and fuel more sustainably than other alternatives.

Now let’s talk deployment.

As part of their Elemental Excelerator project, TerViva is partnering with agriculture landowners and local energy companies to grow 200+ acres (25,000 trees) of pongamia orchards throughout Hawaii to produce fuel and livestock feed.

Selected by their peers as the 2016 recipient of the EEx Ohana Award, TerViva will also be working alongside EEx agriculture company Kunoa Cattle Company to raise cattle on the TerViva seedcake product.