About TerViva

Naveen Sikka founded TerViva in 2010 to transform distressed agricultural lands into productive sources of protein and renewable bioenergy. TerViva is currently commercializing their first crop, a tree called pongamia. Pongamia produces an annual harvest of pods containing 10x more oil than soybeans, using less water than other nut trees. The pods are pressed for oil that is used for biofuel, and the remainder of the pod is made into cakes and fed to cows as high-protein animal feed.

Project Description

TerViva is growing 200+ acres (25,000 trees) of pongamia orchards across multiple islands in Hawaii. The company is partnering with landowners, farmers, and fuel companies to grow pongamia and produce biofuel for energy and animal feed for local agriculture.

Selected by their peers as the 2016 recipient of the EEx Ohana Award, TerViva will also be working alongside EEx agriculture company Kunoa Cattle Company to raise cattle on the TerViva seedcake product.