Of the 150 billion garments produced each year, 85% end up in landfills, making secondhand shopping one of the most environmentally friendly ways to shop. However, the massive volume and uniqueness of secondhand inventory has deterred innovation in the space. Thrilling is the first dedicated marketplace for secondhand and vintage stores, leveraging proprietary technology to put secondhand and vintage inventory online quickly and seamlessly. For consumers, Thrilling offers a delightful and efficient one-stop-shop for secondhand items across the U.S.

Why do we love ’em?

The apparel and footwear industries are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions — more than 8% of global climate impacts — than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Resale models that ensure we get more use out of the products and materials we produce are a vastly underutilized avenue for slashing emissions. In the case of secondhand shopping, that’s largely due to the technical and logistical frustrations that store owners face in uploading the hundreds or thousands of unique items in their inventory. Currently, only 5% of secondhand inventory is online, which gives Thrilling a massive opportunity to usher in a new era of circular fashion. With the COVID-19 pandemic posing an existential threat to small businesses, more and more brick and mortar stores are urgently looking for ways to engage their customers online.  Thrilling’s community-minded approach gives secondhand stores, which are often owned by women and minorities, a foothold in the innovation economy with access to new revenues and customers in a new market.