On May 6, 2020 — VertexOne, a leading provider of enhanced SaaS solutions to the utility industry, acquired WaterSmart Software. The acquisition of WaterSmart supports VertexOne’s ongoing strategy of providing its’ utility customers with a complete set of SaaS applications and enhanced services to facilitate critical asset-to-cash business processes.

About WaterSmart

WaterSmart helps water utilities by taking a little bit of the data that they are already collecting, and combining it with a lot of data that WaterSmart collects on things like climate, weather, demographics and property information. WaterSmart crunches the numbers at about a billion data points per hour in order to spot patterns and trends, and provides high-quality analytics back to utilities to help them lower operating expenses.

In addition, WaterSmart provides customized information directly to customers. Their customer engagement platform sends personalized communications to customers, helping them identify and take quick actions that reduce their water bills. Deploying WaterSmart results in 3-5% water savings in controlled studies.

Bringing digital tools to the water system creates other value as well; by improving the communication between users and utilities, WaterSmart helps water utilities smooth the demand for water, which reduces the need for investment in additional wells or pipes to support surging water demand. WaterSmart has deployed with over 40 water organizations, including water utilities in Hawaii through its Elemental Excelerator project.

Project Description

As part of Elemental Excelerator’s Demonstration Track, WaterSmart is deploying their customer engagement program with the County of Hawaii (on the Big Island) and the Honolulu Board of Water Supply. The deployment targets improved water-use efficiency and greater financial control. Customers can now see their accounts digitally, receive leak alerts, learn how their water use compares to similar households via their WaterScore, and gain actionable information about how and when to reduce their use in order to lower their water bills.