Hawaiʻi (Hui)

Place-based Innovation

Hawaiʻi is where we started. Since 2009, we have been on a mission to catalyze new solutions that help Hawaiʻi transcend oil. We do this by finding and funding this and the next generation of entrepreneurs that can help us redesign our underlying systems in energy, agriculture, water, mobility, and circular economy.

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The Earthshot

Systems Approach

In order to design a more affordable, inclusive, and resilient future, we take a 360-degree view of the world around us, recognizing that the ways in which we power, feed, and move about in our daily lives are connected.

2x local food production and consumption by 2030

Aloha+ Challenge

70% reduction in waste by 2030; Carbon neutral by 2045

Aloha+ Challenge; Act 33

100 million gallons per day in new, reliable fresh water capacity by 2030

Hawaiʻi Fresh Water Initiative

100% clean ground transportation by 2045

All-County Commitment

84% renewable energy by 2030; 4300 Gwh energy saved by 2030

Transcending Oil; Hawaiʻi Clean Energy Initiative

Elemental Hui

Our partners in business, nonprofit, government, education, and philanthropy helping to build a more inclusive economy.

Place-based Innovation

Innovation happens at the nexus of people, policy, and technology. You will see it in the projects we co-fund, the policy we pull forward, and the entrepreneurs we select into our portfolio.


We co-fund collaborations amongst startups, local businesses, and government agencies that help startups scale, helps local businesses and government agencies innovate, and helps Hawaiʻi reach its cross-sector commitments.


Plant Trees. Feed Our Islands.

Nearly 90% of the cattle born in Hawai‘i are shipped live to the U.S. mainland for processing. This is largely due to the high costs of transporting feed, which makes it cheaper to get the cattle to market weight on the mainland, process it, and then ship the meat back to the islands. TerViva and Kunoa worked together, with the support of Elemental Excelerator, to raise Kunoa’s cattle on TerViva’s pongamia-based animal feed.


Project Insights


Energy IoT

Blue Pillar helped build the data backbone for the University of Hawaiʻi’s energy management strategy. The company integrated its Aurora energy IoT platform throughout the University of Hawaiʻi’s Mānoa and West Oʻahu campuses. This project is one of the first instances of a university connecting such a wide array of distributed assets into a single, vendor-agnostic platform.


Project Insights



Our goal is to inspire and actualize policy and regulatory solutions that remove barriers for new clean technology and create a platform for a just transition to a clean and resilient future.


Transcending Oil

In April 2018, we released a report called Transcending Oil: Hawaiʻi’s Path to a Clean Energy Economy that tells the story of how Hawaiʻi can move faster off of oil than we originally thought, and the faster we do it the more money we save and the more jobs we create.


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We support future generations of entrepreneurs who are eager to make something where there was nothing before, find a gap, an injustice, or an opportunity, and then DO something about it.


Root + STEM

In August 2019, we launched Root + STEM, a living directory of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education programs in Hawaiʻi. It is designed to help learners of all ages find the programs that fit their interests and to help educators identify the gaps in Hawaiʻi’s STEM education pipeline.




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