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Krystle Jackson

Chief of Staff

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Krystle Jackson

Krystle is a seasoned Chief of Staff and strategic partner who specializes in scaling teams and fostering connection and alignment. A true people person, she excels in bringing out the best in individuals and teams. With a passion for strategic planning, effective communication and finding joy in the day-to-day, Krystle is energized by creating rhythm and flow and driving organizational success through collaborative leadership and intentionality.

Prior to Elemental Excelerator

Krystle was Chief of Staff to the CEO and interim Head of People at a tech startup in live events in the Bay Area. She is originally from Salinas, CA, and resides in Oakland.

Outside of the office

Outside of the office, Krystle enjoys spending time with her husband, son and daughter. Some of their favorite activities include listening to music, dance parties, playing outdoors and exploring new experiences.