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Danielle J. Harris

Managing Director, Engagement & Innovation

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Danielle J Harris headshot

Danielle J. Harris is a passionate advocate for environmental and racial justice. As Managing Director of Engagement & Innovation, she oversees Elemental’s new “Inspire Action” pillar of our 5-Year Strategy because she is committed to invigorating the hearts and minds of the many to reach our social justice and climate action goals. She is a natural at finding our audiences, her authenticity, vulnerability and humor captivates people’s hearts and minds and inspires accountability for the change we want to see. Previously Danielle led Elemental’s mobility strategy and portfolio as Director of Mobility Innovation, working directly with Elemental Excelerator’s mobility portfolio companies, partners, and cities to catalyze collaboration within the transportation industry. As a thought leader in new mobility, Danielle provides a systems approach to help both startups and companies strategize and thrive within the ever-evolving transportation revolution. Danielle sees mobility as a vital tool to resolve the challenges of today and unlock the potential of tomorrow.

Prior to Elemental Excelerator

Prior to joining Elemental, Danielle was the Innovation Strategist for San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) Office of Innovation. She integrated her background in land use and transportation planning to create dynamic teams with both city departments and tech companies. Danielle married government and tech to implement pilots that successfully improved roadway safety, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and addressed environmental inequities.

Outside of the office

Danielle is a proud Bay Area Native and Oakland resident, Danielle’s approach is rooted in genuine curiosity, collaboration, and compassion. She is committed to bringing different voices to the table to build unconventional teams that together develop innovative and holistic solutions centered around people.